August 9, 2020

CES 2020: Google Assistant gets a slew of new features

CES 2020: Google Assistant gets a slew of new features

Google has made a few announcements forGoogle Assistant at CES 2020. The company also disclosed that the voice helper is currently available on more than 1 billion devices, and is used by over 500 million people each month. Google Assistant is active on a variety of devices such as smart speakers, phones, TVs, cars, smart displays. Here are the new features coming to Google Assistant from the smart device near you this year.

Webpage Reading

The company has previewed the ability to read long-form articles out loud using Google Assistant. According to Google, this experience is unlike traditional screen readers as it is built on”new voice datasets to make more expressive and more natural sounding voices.”

Scheduled Actions

Fundamentally, Scheduled Actions will let users request their Google Assistant to do a task in the future. This attribute is rolling out later this year as well. It will let users control more than 20 new devices, including AC units, air purifiers, bathtubs, coffee makers, vacuums and more, from the Google Home app.

Announced at CES last year, interpreter mode allows a smart device powered by Google Assistant to translate a conversation between two people, each speaking a different language. The business says more companies have committed to using it this past year. The feature will expand to new public areas like airports, airport lounges, banks, organisations handling live sporting events, organizations helping humanitarian efforts, hospitality management, and more hotels.

Sticky Notes

This feature is aimed at smart displays. It will add the ability to create family notes on the display for members of the house to find the tasks before you left, done. As an example, a user can say,”Hey Google, leave a note that says I already fed Max breakfast,” and it will be displayed on the wise display as a sticky note. It can be created by anyone with no need. It is scheduled to roll out this year.
Speed Dial

Similar to Sticky Notes feature, Speed Dial will enable Google Assistant users to set up speed dial contacts to easily and quickly make calls. Contact can be created by anyone . It is scheduled to roll out later this year also.

With each update, Google focuses on incorporating more and more features that are privacy-related. This time it’s made some tweaks to Google Assistant, and consumers will easily be able to get privacy controls through the voice assistant. For instance, users may ask questions such as,”how do you keep my information confidential?”

While Google Assistant isn’t supposed to record anything you say if you don’t start the sentence with”Hey Google,” there are times when the Assistant gets triggered when it’s not supposed to, such as while watching TV or a YouTube video. With that in mind, users will then be able to say”Hey Google, that was not for you” to have it wipe its history of the last thing they said.

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At hacking danger tikTok puts millions

At hacking danger tikTok puts millions

Researchers at Israeli cybersecurity firm Check Point Research on Wednesday exposed multiple vulnerabilities in Chinese short-video making program TikTok, which has over a billion users globally and nearly 300 million in India, saying that private information such as confidential and email addresses and sensitive videos of its users are vulnerable to hackers.

The Chinese movie making platform is utilized mainly by teenagers and kids to share, save and maintain confidential (and sometimes very sensitive) videos of themselves and their loved ones. The researchers have discovered that an attacker could send a SMS message to a user containing a link.

After the user clicked on the malicious link, the attacker managed to get a grasp of their TikTok account and manipulate its content by deleting movies, uploading unauthorised videos, and creating personal or”concealed” videos public.

The research also found that Tiktok’s subdomain – advertisements. tiktok. Com was vulnerable to XSS attacks, which is a type of attack in which scripts are injected into websites that are trusted and otherwise benign.

The investigators leveraged this vulnerability to retrieve personal information saved on consumer accounts including birthdates and private email addresses.

The Israeli cyber security firm informed TikTok programmers of the vulnerabilities exposed in a repair and this research was deployed to ensure its users can safely continue using the TikTok program.

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Another useless trend on Twitter

Another useless trend on Twitter

New Delhi: now for an advertisement, and Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is in the news again. For appearing in a commercial of Nirma washing powder which allegedly mocks the Maratha 23, kumar has received a lot of flak online.

The advertisement, which was released on 3 shows Kumar as a Maratha king. The celebrity showered with flower petals and is shown returning after a battle.

When he says’khushiyaan manaao’ (let’s celebrate), a girl quips:’What celebrations…you return with such dirty clothes which we now have to wash.’ In the advertisement, Kumar says For this the king’s army not only knows how to thrash enemies but also how to wash clothes.

Kumar and the military set about washing their soiled clothes.

Many on social media are calling for a boycott of the Nirma washing power with the hashtag #BoycottNirma trending on Twitter. They are alleging that the advertisement belittles their bravery and Maratha warriors.

A police complaint was also filed in the Worli police station in Mumbai Monday against Kumar. The complainant said the advertisement deeply hurt Maharashtra’s people. He’s urged the police to take action against Nirma Limited and the celebrity for’maligning’ Maharashtrian culture’.

The commercial was made by production home Collective Art Private Limited.

Not the first advertisement to Get flak

Nirma Limited was founded in 1969, and is based out of Ahmedabad. It has an annual turnover.

This isn’t the first time that an advertisement has received flak for’hurting sentiments’ of people.

In March 2019, an advertisement for Surf Excel (a detergent electricity ) faced a lot of criticism after some people accused it of promoting love jihad and calling it Hindu-phobic. The ad featured a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl. It showed the girl, dressed in white, opting to get stained in Holi colours to be able to protect her Muslim friend who has to go to a nearby mosque.

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2 Folds To Use Snapdragon 855; Samsung Galaxy S20 Production Begins In India

2 Folds To Use Snapdragon 855; Samsung Galaxy S20 Production Begins In India

After launching the Samsung Galaxy Fold last year, Samsung is set to expand its line-up by releasing a phone that’s being dubbed as the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. Courtesy of Ishan Agarwal, there’s more information on the upcoming phone from Samsung, Now.

According to a tipster that is trusted, Ishan Agarwal, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will take advantage of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip that was also found on the first Samsung Galaxy Fold. Given the Snapdragon 865 was unveiled in December last year, the 855 is 2 generations old.

But the time it would have taken to replace the 855 is 1 reason why we may not see Fold come out with the most recent processor’s second iteration.

Unconfirmed leaked pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. This Might Be The Last Design For Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

A recent report said because it wanted to benefit from the delay that the folks at Motorola are facing with regard to the Motorola Razr that Samsung was hurrying with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Twist 2. The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is supposed to launch before the upcoming Galaxy S11/Galaxy S20 flagship series of Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold two is also expected to be much affordable compared to the original Fold that had an eye-watering cost of USD 1980 (INR 1,64,990). An earlier report asserted that the clamshell folding phone from Samsung will retail for USD 845 (~INR 61,000). This price tag is another reason why it might be warranted to use the Snapdragon 855.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 might actually be the Samsung Galaxy S20 after all.
In related news, the source also confirms that the production of the Samsung Galaxy A71 this Samsung Galaxy A51, the Samsung Galaxy S20 4G and the Samsung Galaxy S20 + 4G has commenced in India. Given that India does not have 5G networks it’s quite probable for Samsung to not release the 5G variants in India.

And yes, it seems Samsung will take a jump in the nomenclature of its flagship series whatsoever.

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