August 9, 2020

Who is Pinky Chaudhary? Hindu Raksha Dal leader possessing up to JNU assault was Bajrang Dal guy

Who is Pinky Chaudhary? Hindu Raksha Dal leader possessing up to JNU assault was Bajrang Dal guy

New Delhi: Fringe group Hindu Raksha Dal has claimed responsibility for the violence which took place on the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus Sunday night. The group’s leader, Bhupendra Tomar, better known as Pinky Chaudhary, owned up to the attack in a two-minute-long video posted on Twitter Tuesday.

Chaudhary’s admission came even as a political blame game continues over the violence and students from ABVP and Left organisations are accusing each other of the attack.

‘JNU is a hub of communists and we won’t tolerate this. They abuse our religion and our country. Their attitude towards our religion is anti-national. In future, too, we’ll take the exact same action in other universities if someone tries to indulge in anti-national actions,’ Chaudhary can be heard in the clip. Over 34 people, including students and teachers, were hurt in the attack, with some having to be admitted to hospital.

While the authorities are confirming Chaudhary’s claims, ThePrint takes a look at what the Hindu Raksha Dal is and who is Pinky Chaudhary.

‘Hindu Raksha Dal fights works towards gau raksha, love jihad’

Hindu Raksha Dal was formed in July 2013 by Chaudhary, and has more than one lakh registered members, mainly in Delhi-NCR, said its spokesperson Sanket Katara.

‘We save Hindu girls who fall in the love jihad trap,’ he said.

The Ghaziabad police had arrested other people and Chaudhary in connection with the incident. Outside the Indirapuram police station, close to 35 members of this outfit had protested following the arrest.

When asked about the events that unfolded in JNU, Katara, nevertheless, claimed responsibility only for violence which took place outside the university’s gates after 7 pm Sunday.

He said the team had nothing to do with the attacks inside the campus between 5.30 pm and 7 pm. ‘We have swayed by our emotions and couldn’t bear the slogans being elevated…which were contrary to India and also a bid to break the country.’ Media in-charge for Delhi ABVP, ashutosh Singh, said,’Neither the ABVP nor RSS has anything to do with the Hindu Raksha Dal.’

Alok Kumar, VHP’s international working president, said he knew about the Hindu Raksha Dal but it does not have any links with the VHP.

Why Chaudhary abandoned Bajrang Dal

Belonging to Bamnauli village in Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat, 43-year-old Chaudhary hasn’t held any job besides handling the Hindu Raksha Dal.

Before forming the outfit, Chaudhary was a member of the Bajrang Dal until 2012 and ‘focussed on issues related to love jihad and gau raksha’, said Katara.

Shiv Kumar Raghav, president of the New Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh units of Rashtriya Bajrang Dal, confirmed to ThePrint that Chaudhary was a member for three to four decades, and that he worked for the’Hindutva’ cause.

The Rashtriya Bajrang Dal was formed out of the Bajrang Dal in March 2018, said Raghav.

Raghav said the Hindu Raksha Dal and the Rashtriya Bajrang Dal have worked together from time to time. Meanwhile, the Delhi Police has said it is investigating the claims made by the Hindu Raksha Dal on the JNU violence.

Katara, however, said Chaudhary was not afraid of police action against the outfit.’ I f he had been, he wouldn’t have publicly taken responsibility for the incident. Everybody in the organisation is proud of him.’

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