August 9, 2020

Shaheen Bhatt admits to suffering from depression: Know about that condition

Shaheen Bhatt admits to suffering from depression: Know about that condition

Shaheen Bhatt, daughter of celebrated filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and sister of Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt, recently came out with her book titled I’ve Never Been (Un)Happier. Confessions like this greatly helps to build awareness on mental health conditions and, this time too, it’s no different.

Depression is a condition that can go undiagnosed is a majority of cases.

It is one of the most misunderstood health problems. The World Health Organisation says that’depression is different from usual mood fluctuations and short-term psychological responses to challenges in everyday life. At its worst, depression may cause suicide. Close to 800 000 people die because of suicide every year’. You must seek medical intervention that is timely although this is a treatable illness. But people ignore it as a personality thing or they brush it off as a’mood item’.

Symptoms of depression

You must seek help if you are feeling sad and low for 2 or more weeks. This may be accompanied by low energy and a reduction of interest in things you previously enjoyed. If you have feelings of guilt, worthlessness, hopelessness and irritability with frequent thoughts of suicide, you might be experiencing a major depressive disorder. If you have this condition, you can have trouble sleeping and experience a loss of appetite. Sometimes, depression can last for as long as two decades too. A medical professional will have the ability to generate a diagnosis on the basis of psychiatric evaluation.

Treatment procedure

Medications include mood stabilizers and anti-anxiety drugs, anti-psychotics. In addition to this, you might have to go in for diet modifications, cognitive therapy, light therapy and psychotherapy. Relaxation techniques and regular exercises like medication and music assists in depression cases. It is a condition. For those who have any of the symptoms or if you know someone with symptoms, get help immediately.

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