May 30, 2020

Kuwait denies US troop pullout, says news agency hacked

Kuwait denies US troop pullout, says news agency hacked

The state-run Kuwait News Agency tweeted that the Kuwaiti Defence Minister was advised by the commander of US forces in the emirate of their intention to withdraw from the Arifjan foundation within three days.

The news, published in both Arabic and English, has been deleted within minutes. KUNA also said it had been hacked and said that the report wasn’t published on its general wire.

The United States said on Friday it was deploying up to 3,500 more troops to the Middle East with reprisals expected after an American drone killed top Iranian general Qasem Soleimani in Baghdad.

The Kuwait incident comes after a US letter apparently signalling a pullout of forces from Iraq caused alarm, prior to the White House and the Pentagon said there were no such plans and that the letter was merely a draft.

Kuwait’s Arifjan Base, which lies 70 kilometres south of the capital and closes to the boundary with Saudi Arabia, is the main US base in Kuwait.

The pact was originally signed following the first Gulf War in 1991 after a US-led global force expelled Iraqi troops from Kuwait ending seven weeks of occupation.

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