August 9, 2020

At hacking danger tikTok puts millions

At hacking danger tikTok puts millions

Researchers at Israeli cybersecurity firm Check Point Research on Wednesday exposed multiple vulnerabilities in Chinese short-video making program TikTok, which has over a billion users globally and nearly 300 million in India, saying that private information such as confidential and email addresses and sensitive videos of its users are vulnerable to hackers.

The Chinese movie making platform is utilized mainly by teenagers and kids to share, save and maintain confidential (and sometimes very sensitive) videos of themselves and their loved ones. The researchers have discovered that an attacker could send a SMS message to a user containing a link.

After the user clicked on the malicious link, the attacker managed to get a grasp of their TikTok account and manipulate its content by deleting movies, uploading unauthorised videos, and creating personal or”concealed” videos public.

The research also found that Tiktok’s subdomain – advertisements. tiktok. Com was vulnerable to XSS attacks, which is a type of attack in which scripts are injected into websites that are trusted and otherwise benign.

The investigators leveraged this vulnerability to retrieve personal information saved on consumer accounts including birthdates and private email addresses.

The Israeli cyber security firm informed TikTok programmers of the vulnerabilities exposed in a repair and this research was deployed to ensure its users can safely continue using the TikTok program.

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